We all wait anxiously for that time of the year when you see yourself getting pampered and the gifts shower from everywhere, well that’s not the real case but this is what we expect .here I want to talk about that boring gif I receive from family and friends and what I actually wished for. Hope they get the message and get something exciting the coming year. Stocking stuffers should be fun and cute items as these are the first surprise you get on the Christmas morning. Well I have seen some really nice ideas on gifbeta site to fill the stockings. Let’s get some inspiration and change those old boring items with something fun and crazy things. Kids are the ones who are more excited and look forward to these stockings, so let’s amaze them a bit. Lazy bed glasses are so much fun. Soft cozy pair of slippers is so hit with the stocking stuffer items.

Why not after all they keep your feet warm on those cold floors. If pom-tastic slippers are so cool looking and if you get bored with the color then replace it with a new color as these slippers comes with detachable pom poms.you can gift to young girls and they will love it. For all the Smartphone users these popscokets comes as a blessing, now you can hold and even stand your phone on any surface with the help of this popsockets. It comes with stick-on buttons and can be stick to any phone or tablet. Nice idea for a stocking stuffer. Here is one cool kitchen tool that can perfectly fit in the stocking and it very useful for mommies. This 3-in-1 Avocado slicer is so cool does these things from it slits pits and slices your favorite avocado and all this is done in seconds. Isn’t this a super useful idea? You can get this 3D wooden puzzle, it’s a very useful in retaining cognitive functions and this will help them kill some time. We all love to play card games, why not they are so much fun and keeps the whole family engage.  These are low-vision playing cards especially made for the grandparents. Remember those boring chess games and the board games but some people still find them interesting. Pocket hand warmer is so cool but they will keep the hands warm and cozy and lets you walk comfortably in the cold weather, gift it to your grandparents and they will appreciate it. Contact lens cases are a very useful stocking stuffer for anyone who wears lenses. These come so handy and the best thing is they are super affordable. Don’t expect these cases to be boring and simple, they come in various designs and colors and they look so much fun. The options and ideas are endless, you just have to know from to get them and the best place is http://www.giftbeta.com/category/best-stocking-stuffers/.